King Chilli – Warning: Not for Sissies!

A little chilli hobby that started on a small piece of land in Caledon soon became a mini-obsession. We started experimenting with different recipes and chilli plants. Then, during a particularly smokin’ tasting session, we decided that this simply had to be shared. The pain, the pleasure, the tears, the joy, the flippin’ ecstasy baby!.

So, we worked on perfecting our recipes and even managed to locate the very desirable chilli powder from the hottest chilli, the Bhut Jolokia. Just sharing the love…

King Chilli came to existence and this is where we want to offer it to you. We’re constantly working on growing our selection, our crops and ultimately a comprehensive product range.

It’s worth keeping in mind that we’re hardcore. We’ll try to make the sissies happy – to an extent, but for those chilli-heads out there, King Chilli will prove to be king of the ring. Go on, contact us to try it. Are you a wuss? Didn’t think so!